XPRS 2003 Launch Report

*******Under construction********

September 26-28, 2003 Black Rock Desert,NV

Thursday September 25, 2003

Flight From Dallas/Ft. Worth to Reno, NV arrived Reno, 1:15pm

pick up RV


drive to Black Rock

stop in Gerlach Brunos to pick up M1315 liner



Friday September 26, 2003

motor purchases/build M1315

await arrival of H3 Rocketry support team.

Saturday September 27, 2003

Launch of R.E.O Express on an M1315


Sunday September 28, 2003

Launch of JaguarXtreme on a J570

Monday September 29, 2003

Reno to Dallas/Ft. Worth Arrived at 7:15pm